Helping individuals forge better relationships with their bodies, unlocking personal potential and an improved understanding of bodies around them

Helping organisations to nurture: diversity, wellbeing, morale and "well" days

Wasting Time and Energy...

Every frustrated, guilty, shameful or negative thought about your: body, clothes, food or exercise -

is taking up your headspace.


It is a personal loss - a waste. 


What started in the name of "health", may now be standing between you and other forms of heath such as: self esteem, confidence, body satisfaction, peace of mind. Thoughts about your body may even keep you from more obvious health benefits like nutirition and exercise. 


If you've spent any time battling your body and getting nowhere, it's time to stop.

Research, decades old, has indicated that this is a problem, yet we still have very little in the way of solutions in the field of self image / confidence.


That is why BodEquality brings you a resource to support you and your people and offer another way of viewing ourselves and the world around us, reducing the loss created by body dissatisfaction.

Pitched  for the workplace - businesses and organisations, it is as a tool that can nurture and support staff and their wellbeing journey.


BodEquality had created an  easy-view online course  to integrate with the wellbeing strategy of organisations that are progressive and proactive about mental health.


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