Body Image Training for the Workplace
  • Body image is the least understood discrimination - we have the power to change that

  • If organisational inclusion efforts don't include body image, they aren't inclusive

  • If cultural wellbeing approaches centre only one visual version of health, they aren't healthy

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We've got a problem, and there's a good chance you don't know about it. The problem is, we live in a world of fantasy bodies and we try to reconcile our own with it. For the most part it doesn't work and it creates more problems. Personal wellbeing suffers, but also our ability to create true organisational inclusion. Body image has yet to truly take its place in the equality conversation. even though it represents a discrimination of its own and impacts most other forms of prejudice.

BodEquality offers work-based training to help start conversations and raise awareness around a subject that is under-explored and misunderstood. Training helps to reconnect individuals with their real and diverse bodies to maximise realistic health while helping forward-thinking organisations to foster authentic inclusion.

Helping individuals shift to a better relationship with their body, unlocking personal potential and an improved understanding of bodies around them

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Helping organisations to shift  and further nurture:

  • Inclusion

  • Wellbeing

  • Morale

  • Social responsibility

  • "Well" days

Preserving Time and Energy...

Every frustrated, guilty, shameful or negative thought about your: body, clothes, food or exercise -

is taking up your headspace.


It is a loss - a waste. 

BodEquality is created to help us shed the "mental weight" of bad body image. Research shows this can have a positive impact on our physical health too!


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Never has it been more important to upgrade

our self-talk and real-world thinking. Self compassion and support does not happen spontaneously, it's a skill and we can offer your people the tools. 

Engage remote teams and boost morale
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What started in the name of "health", may now be standing between you and other forms of heath such as: self esteem, confidence, body satisfaction and peace of mind. Thoughts about your body may even keep you from more obvious health benefits like nutrition and exercise. 


If you've spent any time battling your body and getting nowhere, it's time to stop.

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Research, decades old, has indicated that this is a problem, yet we still have very little in the way of solutions in the field of self image / confidence.


That is why BodEquality brings you a resource to support you and your people and offer another way of viewing ourselves and the world around us, reducing the loss created by body dissatisfaction.

Pitched  for the workplace and work-ready students - we offer tools that can nurture and support colleagues and their wellbeing journey.


BodEquality is an  easy-view online course  to integrate with the policy and strategy of organisations that are progressive and proactive about Mental Health, Inclusion and Social Responsibility.

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If all of this is making you think...


Yes! Finally somebody is talking about this!


If you can see the value and obvious benefits to this programme, it's easy to get in touch. It starts with a chat.