Our bodies are INCREDIBLE

Self-healing and full of potential

HeWasting Time and Energy...

Every frustrated, guilty, shameful or negative thought about your: body, clothes, food or exercise -

is taking up your headspace.


It is a personal loss - a waste. 


What started in the name of "health", may now be standing between you and other forms of heath such as: self esteem, confidence, body satisfaction, peace of mind. Thoughts about your body may even keep you from more obvious health benefits like nutirition and exercise - although that's not what this is about.. 


If you've spent any time battling your body and getting nowhere, it's time to stop.

Research, decades old, has indicated that this is a problem, yet we still have very little in the way of solutions in the field of self image / confidence.


That is why I decided to create a resource to support people and offer another way of viewing ourselves and the world around us, reducing the loss created by body dissatisfaction.


To reach a broad audience, it is pitched  for the workplace - businesses and organisations, as a tool that can nurture and support staff and their wellbeing journey.


The easy-view online course is very near completion and I am looking for individuals who can  offer their time in reviewing the course (approx 90 minutes) and feed back with improvements and suggestions, as well as sharing their unique experience of it.

I'm Emi and I was diagnosed with cancer when I was thirty three. I had surgical body changes and had to  face the fact that the ideal body I'd been chasing was now out of my reach.  

It took a bit longer for me to realise... it always had been.  I don't have that kind of body. The idea that we all can have a certain kind of body, if only we try hard enough... is a hoax.

It stood between me and feeling good; and between me and my wellbeing.

I am passionate about using my research and experience to create resources.


My work takes these into workspaces, helping to shift cultures around bodies.



Kari De La Parra

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

John Jue

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