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Body Image Training for the Workplace
  • Body image is the least understood discrimination but we have the power to change that

  • Organisational inclusion efforts are failing, if they don't include body image 

  • To be healthy for all, cultural wellbeing approaches need to encompass many versions of health

  • Climate change isn't the only environment we have the social responsibility to change

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We've got a problem, and there's a good chance you don't know about it. The problem is, we live amongst a world of fantasy bodies and we try to reconcile our own with it.


Personal wellbeing suffers, but also our ability to create true organisational inclusion. 

BodEquality offers online work-based training to help start conversations and raise awareness around a subject that is under-explored and misunderstood. Training helps to reconnect individuals with their real and diverse bodies to maximise realistic health while helping forward-thinking organisations to foster authentic inclusion.

Engage remote teams and boost morale

Never has it been more important to upgrade our self-talk and real-world thinking. Self compassion and support does not happen spontaneously, it's a skill and we can offer your people the tools. 

Helping organisations to shift  and

further nurture:

  • Inclusion

  • Wellbeing

  • Morale

  • Social responsibility

  • "Well" days

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Helping individuals shift to a better relationship with their body, unlocking personal potential and an improved understanding of bodies around them

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Pitched  for the workplace and work-ready students - we offer tools that can nurture and support colleagues and their wellbeing journey.


BodEquality is an  easy-view online course  to integrate with the policy and strategy of organisations who are progressive and proactive about Mental Health, Wellbeing, Inclusion and Social Responsibility.

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