Wanted! Progressive Wellbeing

and Diversity & Inclusion


BodEquality is looking to partner up with organisations who see the value of wellbeing beyond the tick box. Who are keen to offer tools to their employees that reach into the real issues affecting our mental and physical health.; beyond  simply nutrition and exercise and into the subjects that can block our access to those fundamentals. 

“It’s a great short course and introduction to the world of body image and coupled with the downloads, is an excellent resource pack. I think Employers should definitely offer this as part of their health and wellbeing provisions. A real value-for-money investment for organisations” 

Runa, Time to Change,  MIND

Body Image Awareness Programme for the Workplace

A healthy success requires a healthy sense of self.  Nurturing self regard and potential and raising awareness around discrimination of many kinds, this easy-view online course offers an accessible tool for your business to extend  company-wide, reaching out to enhance your workforce. 

"BodEquality is a well presented and thought-provoking course. It covers an important topic around the perception of body image, which Business as a whole, needs to reflect and take notice of."

Nick Butcher, HR Strategy Pro

“This is VITAL for managers. Employees WILL feel more confident in their own skin, hence better performance.  It's a no brainer! I also loved seeing a strong male representation, great inclusion generally”  Leana, Headscape Counselling