In January and February, 2020, BodEquality along with Ivan Moss from Moss Creative, shot three filming days around the UK. Interviewing people from all walks of life, about their experiences and relationships with their bodies. The result was the first of its kind, an in-depth look at the impact that a poor body view has on our lives, our opportunities, our work and  potential.  The courses will also inspire us to look for ways to unhook ourselves from out-dated thinking around bodies. Currently in the editing suite,  we are really excited to make these courses available on both a business and individuals soon. 

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Module 1 – Introduction to body image – What it is and why does it matter?

Module 2 – How body image plays out in our lives

Module 3 – Is body image holding you back?

Module 4 – What can this mean in the workplace?

Module 5 – Why we think the way we do about bodies

Module 6 - Ornament or Instrument? What is your body to you?

Module 7 – Meaningful Change

Module 8 – Conclusion

Further Options

Module 9 - Body Image for Managers

Module 10 - Body Image and Branding

Module 11 - Body Image and HR

Module 12 - Eating Disorders in the Workplace

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