It is the policy of BODEQUALITY (the Company) and all and any trading bodies and names connected with to them to commit to promoting, encouraging and ensuring equality and diversity in the workplace and in our services and goods provided to others. To eradicate unlawful and unfair discrimination within our workforce. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all employees and associates feel represented and respected within the workplace in a safe and encouraging environment. In addition to eradicating discrimination within the workplace and workforce, the Company pledges that their customers and patrons shall not suffer unfair or unlawful discrimination in the provision of goods and services to them by the Company.

Scope of this Policy

The Company extends all rights and responsibilities set out under this policy equally to all employees regardless of their status as full-time or part-time employees who are on fixed term or substantive term contracts. This policy will also extend to persons who are not employees but are contracted to perform services or provide goods on behalf of the Company such as agency staff and contractors.

All employees should follow and have a responsibility to implement this policy in particular directors, managers, supervisors and any and all other staff who participate in the employment process or who make decisions which will effect other employees.

Equality Commitments

To achieve the aims and goals contained within this policy, the Company undertakes the following:

1. The Company shall never unlawfully discriminate against any persons due to their protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010, namely discrimination based on a person's:

- age;
- disability;
- gender reassignment;
- body image, shape, size, idiosyncrasies;
- marriage and civil partnership;
- pregnancy and maternity;
- race (including skin colour, nationality, ethnic origin or country of origin);
- religion or beliefs;
- sex; or
- sexual orientation.

2. In fulfilling this policy the Company shall combat, oppose, exclude and avoid any and all forms of discrimination which are unlawful under the Equality Act 2010. An employees' protected characteristics shall not be reason to discriminate on the grounds of: terms and conditions of employment; dismissal, redundancy, grievance and disciplinary procedures; pay and benefits; selection for employment, training, promotion or any and all other career development opportunities; and leave for parents and any legitimate requests for different or flexible working hours.

3. The Company pledges to encourage all employees to progress and develop their skills and knowledge during their time at the Company by partaking in any and all training and development opportunities which may arise within the Company.

4. Principally, the Company shall only employ and promote employees based on their merit, abilities, experience, qualifications and aptitude rather than on any of their protected characteristics, apart from where allowed, necessary and legal exemptions of this are permitted under the Equality Act 2010.

5. The Company shall provide relevant and necessary Equality and Diversity training to management and all other employees concerning their rights and responsibilities under this policy.

6. All and any forms of bullying, intimidation or any other forms of harassment shall not be tolerated under any circumstances and where an employee believes that they have suffered such behaviour due to one or any of their protected characteristics this should be reported to EMI HOWE. Any and all claims of bullying, or other forms of harassment, shall be handled in the strictest confidence by the Company and relevant investigations will be carried out in accordance with adopted procedure. Where any employee is found liable for bullying, victimisation or any other act of unlawful discrimination they may be subject to disciplinary action under the Company's disciplinary procedure.

7. At relevant and regular intervals the Company shall review and, where necessary, reform its procedures and practices around employment in order to safeguard fairness and to keep them in line with any relevant changes in the law.

8. The Company shall at all times observe and scrutinise the composition of the employee workforce in relation to its age, sexual orientation, body image, beliefs, religion, sex, race, and all other protected characteristics while encouraging diversity and equality in order to fulfil the purpose of this policy. This practice shall include assessing the effectiveness of this policy in action and reviewing and implementing changes in order to address any issues which may arise as a result.

Application of this Policy

This policy is applicable to the behaviour and conduct of all employees and persons during the course of their duties for the Company and shall apply where employees are on and off site. All employees and persons engaged with the Company should consider the consequences of their actions in relation to this policy and be aware that their conduct may impact the reputation and standing of the Company professionally. Certain areas of application are as follows:

1. Recruitment and Promotion

The Company shall only recruit, employ and promote persons on the basis of their merit, abilities, experience, qualifications and aptitude rather than on any of their protected characteristics. The Company shall collect data relating to the demographics of applicants during its recruitment process in order to avoid unlawful discrimination. The Company shall also endeavour to remove any barriers to promotion for certain persons that it may find from time to time.

2. During the course of Employment

This policy shall apply robustly at all times during a person's employment with the Company and all terms and conditions of employment, training, employee facilities and any other benefits employees are granted while employed with the Company, shall be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they are being granted equally and fairly and that any access to such features is not hindered due to unlawful discrimination. The Company shall endeavour to meet the needs of disadvantaged and under represented groups in order to achieve this.

This policy will be reviewed at regular intervals by the Company and may be amended from time to time. This policy is for guidance and is a part of all Employees' contract of employment with the Company.

This policy for Equal Opportunities at Work is robustly endorsed by the Company at all levels of management.



I confirm that I have read and understood BODEQUALITY's Policy for Equal Opportunities at Work and I agree to conduct myself and perform my duties in accordance with the expected standards stipulated within it. I agree that I shall treat all persons I interact with during the fulfilment of my duties with respect and dignity.