Body Image in the Workplace

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Section 1: Body Image in The Workplace

Objective: To understand how body image impacts the work environment and our working lives.

Module 4 - What can this mean in the workplace?

Section 2 – What can our business do to help?

Objective: To gain an awareness of some of the factors influencing body image.

Module 5 - Why we think the way we do about bodies

Exploring Solutions

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Section 1 – What does change involve?

Objective: To start to create meaningful adjustments to form a healthier relationship with our bodies and  

ways of adjusting our outlook for healthier outcomes.

Module 6 - Ornament or Instrument? What is your body to you?

Module 7 - Meaningful Change


Section 2 – Body Image and Managing People

Objective: How to model best practice for body image in the workplace

Module 8 - Body Image for Managers

Section 3 – Looking to the Future

Objective - Course Conclusion

Module 9 – Looking to the Future


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Section 4 – Eating Disorders and Work

Objective: To understand how various eating disorders can impact the workforce.

Module 10 – Eating Disorders