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Online Courses

Recommended for all employees and especially to team managers and new recruits, the Body Image Awareness Programme for the Workplace is an affordable and efficient way to shift mindsets on a company-wide level. Raising awareness of corporate expectations and setting precedents around body discrimination .


Branding  / Boardroom Consultation

How can we add value to our customers through real body branding? What can a message of self acceptance contribute to our business? The world is changing - to future proof your business and attract pro-diverse consumers, we can to appeal to the growing population motivated by greater reality messaging. 


Team Building Wellbeing Events

Forging better workplace relationships and shared atmosphere, BodEquality's team Building Wellbeing Events strengthen teams, help foster empathy and awareness and most importantly, help employees feel valued and valid.


Stop Wasting Company Time

Research tells us that "fat talk" is common, especially among women, of all ages. Not just a common workplace distraction,  research also shows that engaging in "fat talk" or even overhearing it, is linked to higher body dissatisfaction, shame, depression and even suicidal thoughts.


According to Udemy in 2018, 66% of workers hadn’t spoken to their managers about office distractions, 31% would like businesses to define cultural norms around distractions at work.

In-house “fat talk” alienates certain team members – more people than you might imagine. Impacting their mental health, their eating and exercising habits and their output and sick day quota -

mental health costing UK employers £34.9 billion per year...

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And Money

A recent age discrimination claim saw Alan Dove  awarded £63,000 following hurtful and disrespectful workplace name-calling. The tribunal ruled: “We accept that this was not meant to be offensive, but that does not mean that it was not discriminatory."

Although body image is currently not covered by the Equality Act of 2010, Judge, Philip Rostant acknowledges that discrimination based on body image in the workplace is common and proposes that it will only be a matter of time before  body image discrimination will be legislated. We would benefit if our workplace culture was ready for it..