Conversations with my daughter - Fat people are good!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Girls can be cruel... and adverts, but also girls.

I was in the bath the other day when Mini Me came for a chat. 'I hope I have a body just like you when I grow up', she said. I looked down at my odd body, covered in scars from surgeries and missing some of the standard issue kit, and wondered what she meant.

'I mean, I don't want to get fat. But I eat a lot of junk, so I'm worried I will.'

I reassured her that she has the body that I had at her age, and I ate a lot of junk too. I urged her not to worry.

She then told me about an incident at school where one of her friends, let's call her Felicity, asked her to say, who between her and another friend, let's say Fiona, who was standing right next to her, was the thinnest.

'Well Mummy, everyone knows it's Felicity, so what I did, I said it was Fiona, so Fiona didn't feel bad, but once she left I told Felicity it was her, of course.'

I didn't quite know what to say... I think I would have struggled with that conundrum. What a brain baffler! As she went to walk out of the bathroom she turned back and said 'You know Mummy, some people think that fat people are bad... and they are WRONG!' and she flounced off in her dramatic fashion.

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