The body is broken, both how we feel in it and how we feel about it. We have allowed our bodies to become the business of others. We’ve assigned it a value, a comment, an opinion. Our thoughts about it hooked, twisted and bought.


To fix the glitch, we need to find the road back to our self.


What if, body diversity is the human condition? There is no “what if”. It is. We are all made differently, like any species we were never meant to all be the same. We’ve created a planet where we’re growing dissatisfied people (by the million) because we’ve been forced to reject the notion of natural diversity. Forced to reject ourselves.


We live under the toxic assumption that everybody wants to, can be and ought to, be thin, despite overwhelming evidence that suggests otherwise, in the form of the beautifully varied people around us. In short, it is a hoax.


The Body Hoax is one mother’s journey to change the world and her (not even spectacular) failure. But she learnt a lot… and she changed. Which she now wonders was maybe the point…


We need to change for the world to change.


‘If I achieve one thing in my career, it is to have as many people as possible informed with the contents of these pages. This content will not reach you through the traditional media channels.


To better understand the moving parts of the machine that keeps us feeling this way and has put us into a body image crisis.’

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  • 22nd March