How to Stop believing in fantasy bodies


Are you ready to hear the most ground-breaking advancement in health and wellbeing of our time? 


Health cannot be measured by body shape.


We've basically been getting it really wrong about health and bodies... for our entire lives. In some demographics over 90% of us live iwth body shame. This impacts our mental and physical health but also our quality of life and performance. It's viewed as a normal part of life but actually it's not that normal, healthy or inclusive. 

We can gather evidence from our real life that instead, a diversity of body shapes and sizes is a lot more natural. If we could all be thin, do you not think we would be?


What this requires is nothing short of a cultural re-education around bodies and health, in our minds, our communities  and therefore in our organisations too.

The Body Hoax - The Business Case for Valuing Real Bodies


    It's time we start talking about bodies in a real way with our kids. Don't Go Knocking on the Circus Door is a book with activities to help start that conversation and help kids from as young as three, to develop real and healthy relationships with their bodies... their more important tool!

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