Emi Howe is a Sociologist, Body Therapist, Author and Cancer Survivor. Join her and her colleagues on this course that explores a subject that rarely gets airtime - our real bodies!


Did you know 90% of women 40% of men have a negative relationship with their bodies? You may not because the idealised body has been really normalised by society and we rarely talk about our real ones. 


There are many ways that it can impact our lives and those of our loved ones. From self-critical thoughts in front of the mirror to feeling self conscious to having less opportunities or being overlooked at work and much more.  There's a whole new way of looking at our bodies, that's much healthier for us.


More and more we're living in a warped reality when it comes to bodies and it's time to get real and heal!


This course is designed to be rolled out in the workplace but applies to anyone with... a body!

To develop skills in: personal wellbeing, inclusion, self actualisation, social responsibility

Online Course - You and Your Body